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Wii Breaks Out of Jail

Posted by: , 07:04 AEDT, Thu January 3, 2008

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"Jailbreak" was once a technical term referring to gaining access to the file system and limited hardware, but in this case, it means the Wii has been hacked
At a Chaos Communication show, a man stands in front of a large screen showing a projected image of Lego Star Wars on the Nintendo Wii. To most, the displayed image means nothing and looks rather boring but, if you know what to look for, its a epiphany of what is most likely to come.

This hack allows the running of Wii homebrew, and may lead to copied games running straight from the DVD.

Whats different about this hypothetical hack is is uses all the Wii hardware, Wii-mote, faster processor and extended memory. When you put in a Wii game, the authentication scheme kicks in and, if it believes it's running signed code, unlocks the full CPU and expanded memory along with all the fun Wii hardware.

The unnamed hackers have no plans on releasing its secret methods anytime soon, but say hopefully they can find a more viable solution to distribute. They have however, released this video on YouTube as proof.


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