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DVDRemaster Updates to Version 4.1

Posted by: , 08:27 AEDT, Tue December 18, 2007

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DVDRemaster is a Mac OS X DVD back up tool with content removal and shrinking features
From the Official Site :

DVDRemaster is an utility for Mac OS X to re-compress large (unprotected/unencrypted) DVDs so that they fit on standard DVD5. DVDRemaster can work in two modes. It can either preserve all tracks (including menus, multi angle, commentaries, other languages, ...) or work in "Movie Only" mode where everything but the main feature is discarded, thus leaving more space for the main feature and a better quality of image.

Advanced users will appreciate the Pro version, which lets you choose exactly which video and audio tracks you want to copy.

The official change log for version 4.1 is as follows:
  • Improved compatibility with Toast, VLC and Apple DVD Player
  • Enhanced compatibility with standalone DVD players
  • Volume gain saved in the preferences
  • Better iPod presets
  • Menus are now properly removed in Movie only mode and much more!


DVDRemaster Standard

DVDRemaster Pro


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