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Blazing Fast DVD Writer

Posted by: , 04:13 AEDT, Wed November 21, 2007

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Pioneer electronics has come out with a dual format 20X DVD writer in multiple colors to match almost any PC
The DVR-115D is a dual-format ATAPI DVD writer (writing to DVD-R/+R, DVD-RW/+RW and CD-R/RW media). Also available are two SATA drives: the DVR-215D writes to an identical range of media as the DVR-115D while the DVR-215 is a multi-format unit that adds DVD-RAM writing capabilities.

All models offer read-support for DVD-RAM discs and the ability to write at 20X speed on DVD-R/+R discs. the high-end write speed of up to 20X on DVD-R and +R discs, users can fill a 4.7GB disc with data in around five minutes. And the 10X write speed for Dual/Double Layer DVD-R/+R discs means consumers can write four hours of standard footage or two hours of high-quality footage to a Dual/Double Layer disc in about 15 minutes.


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