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VirtualDub for your MPEG-2 Files

Posted by: , 06:23 AEST, Tue August 7, 2007

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VirtualDub MPEG-2 has updated to version 1.6.19 build 24507 to provide some bug fixes with audio files
VirtualDub MPEG-2 is a modified version of VirtualDub that supports MPEG-2 import, as well as experimental ASF/WMV parsing.

The official change log for version 1.6.19 is as follows:
  • I've discovered a bug in the way seek positions are calculated in imported MPEG audio files. This build fixes the seeking problem.
  • I've found another problem which is specific to imported 22050 Hz and 44100 Hz MPEG audio files, which manifests itself as a rapid "clicking" in the audio. It's caused by the presence of padding bytes in the MPEG stream, but I don't have a fix for it yet.

You may download this updated version here.


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