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Piracy Worse than Burglary or Robbery

Posted by: , 03:53 AEST, Tue June 19, 2007

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According to the RIAA & MPAA, piracy has a equivalent value to such heinous crimes and burglary and robbery and should be punished the same in their eyes
It must be a nice little world the RIAA/MPAA live in where they can make up their own laws and dictate which is more of a thread based on their biased opinions.

They have made the outrageous statement that intellectual property crime runs in the hundreds of billions of dollars each year.

I find that extremely hard to believe seeing how if you add up all the various kinds of property crimes in this country, everything from theft, to fraud, to burglary, bank-robbing, all of it, it costs the country $16 billion a year.



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