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Pirated Version of Spider-Man 3 Out ... Or Not

Posted by: , 04:56 AEST, Thu April 26, 2007

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It appears pirated versions of the new Sony film "Spider-Man 3" have begun appearing on the streets of Beijing for a $1 each, but not according to Sony
Spider-Man 3 doesn't come to theaters in the U.S. until May 4 but, recent reports are surfacing that a pirated copy is floating around China. Sony actually made the comment that the so called "pirated" DVDs in China are actually versions of "Spider-Man 2".

Sony also made the comment that they haven't found any pirated versions what so ever on the internet either.

This type of hoax usually happens with every highly anticipated movie that gets released. The most they have found is people selling versions of "Spider-Man 2 as "Spider-Man 3".

Spider-Man 3 will open next Tuesday in China, France, Italy, Japan and South Korea. I would expect to see "CAMS" on p2p networks after that.



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