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Wal-Mart Starts to Sell HD-DVD Players CHEAP

Posted by: , 05:04 AEST, Tue April 24, 2007
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2 Million HD-DVD players will be coming to a Wal-Mart near you for a Wal-Mart price of only
Wal-Mart is about to bring HD DVD to the masses. The retail giant we all love to hate just bought 2 million HD DVD units from Taiwanese electronics corp Fuh Yuan, who along with TDK recently built a massive factory to handle HD DVD cores.

So basically Wal-Mart has a crap load of HD DVD players heading its way. (Can anyone say discount?) Sadly, this probably won't put an end to the format wars, but it'll definitely come as a blow to the Blu-ray camp, especially since their cheapest machine is nowhere near $300. You can expect to see Wal-Mart's players sometime in 2008.


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