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Watch your AVI files on your Xbox 360

Posted by: , 07:22 AEDT, Tue March 13, 2007

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You not only can play your Xbox games and HD-DVD's, now you can stream your XviD/DivX files to your Xbox for playback
The Xbox 360 is a great games console, with HD output. It is now also a good alternative to buying a HD DVD player, if you purchase the HD-DVD add-on drive. With it's Windows MCE extender and UPnP functions, it can also serve as a media hub for your home entertainment system, streaming video, audio and pictures from your central media server (Windows MCE or UPnP server).

What isn't so good is that by default, the Xbox 360 can only play back WMV encoded files, as well as MPEG-1/2 - there is no DivX or XviD support, which is a shame considering the popularity of both formats. But there is still hope!

This guide will teach you how to setup your own UPnP server using the free software TVersity, and using it's built in Xbox 360 profile and transcoding features, stream DivX/XviD files to your Xbox 360 and play them back with good quality.

Go here to learn how to get started!


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