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Free HD-DVD Movies

Posted by: , 14:50 AEDT, Wed November 1, 2006

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When you purchase a new Toshiba HD DVD player
Toshiba, in an effort to spur HD DVD sales in the runup to the Christmas season, has started offering three free HD DVD movie titles with the purchase of a new HD DVD player.

Three free titles is a big incentive to buy compared to the single title that comes with Microsoft's Xbox 360 HD DVD addon or the one free movie that comes as a pack-in with Sony's PlayStation 3, but there are some caveats.

The deal only applies to certain models in Toshiba's HD line—models such as the Toshiba-built RCA HDV5000 do not qualify. In addition, you won't receive the discs right away: this is a mail-in rebate offer. More...

Credit: ars technica


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