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DVDReMake 3.5.3 Released

Posted by: , 04:26 AEST, Fri June 30, 2006

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Must have been important updates cause they just released 3.5.1 two weeks ago
Here is the list of changes from previous version (items marked with (P) are applicable only to the Pro version):
  • fix - still time is not set to 0 when hiding menu from Preview and DomainContent panes;
  • fix (P) - "link chapter in current title" command is not executed correctly in DVD debugger;
  • add (P) - "paste PGC attributes..." action for PGC items in DVD Tree pane to paste selected PGC items (commands, tracks info, etc);
  • add (P) - "remove navigation" action for all items (except titles) in DVD Tree pane (removes all PGC commands).

Go here to download the new version.

Credit: BitBurners


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