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Internet Explorer 7 Beta 3

Posted by: , 13:56 AEST, Sun June 4, 2006

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Some feel that the browser is still playing catch-up to competitors such as Firefox
The Beta 3 release is expected to fix problems with some of the new features, such as the integrated RSS reader. Beta 3 will add an ability to control whether or not an article is marked as read. However, don't expect any major interface changes. According to an interview with IE 7 developers, there will be no new abilities to customize the interface, for example to put buttons and menus in customizable locations:

"Unfortunately, extensibility in IE7 is not where we want it to be," said Microsoft's Max Stevens, lead program manager in charge of IE 7's user interface. "We don't expect there to be many changes between now and ship, though this is definitely an area we're investigating for our next release."

The final release of IE 7 is expected to be some time this winter, and Microsoft has promised continual updates each year thereafter, starting with IE8, which will contain new networking and rendering features. More...

Credit: ars technica


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