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Leeching or Sharing Wi-Fi Signals

Posted by: , 13:59 AEDT, Tue February 28, 2006
Tags: Computing

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The "Pro's & Con's" of leeching or sharing a Wi-Fi connection
WiFi is everywhere, even in Prague panelaks, where I faced the dilemma common to every traveler with a laptop: to leech or not to leech?

See, from our flat at the edge of the city, my wife and I discovered a range of WiFi signals coming from the gray apartment block next door. Most were secured, but a single network was tantalizingly open. The options were stark; as renters, DSL was out of the question, and although dial-up access could be had for free (from the ISP), you paid a per-minute charge (to Český Telecom) that quickly became ruinous.

Now, I know that most terms of service for broadband connections include a provision that the connection not be shared beyond a user's house, but I hadn't signed any such agreement. And, since most Czech broadband plans are paid for by the month and not by the megabyte, we weren't running up anyone's bill. So we connected—for two months. Credit: ars technica


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