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This is the version history page for RipBot264, showing the last 20 software updates. You can return to the main page for this software by clicking here.


Version 1.25.0
  • Release Date: Jan 4, 2020
  • Download(s):
    • Added: EncodingClient combines chunks with output file on fly as soon as they are encoded in correct order
    • Added: Option in EncodingClient to suspend jobless server
    • Added: Option in EncodingClient to shutdown server at IDLE state
    • Added: Audio profiles in ProfileAudio.txt
    • Added: Variable priority mode to EncodingServer.
    • In this mode EncodingClient will be automatically changing encoding priority in order to balance progress on multiple servers running on the same machine.
    • Added: EncodingClient now also shows encoding priority set on server side ,selected encoding numa node and communication delay.
    • Added: Support for GPU decoding via lsmash plugin
    • Added: HDR HLG support
    • Changed: DGHable tonemapper to BT2446. Furthermore BT2446 has been configured to emulate MadVR's tonemapping.
    • Changed: lsmash is now a default decoder for all formats.
    • Fixed: EncodingClient is now copying file to shared folder in buffered mode.
    • Windows disables buffered write if write buffer in application is higher than 16MiB.
    • Because of this write buffer has been reduced from 64MiB to 16MiB.
    • Buffered write significantly reduces copy time on machine with huge amount of RAM.
    • Fixed: Excessive flickering of encoding status in EncodingClient
    • Fixed: EncodingServer not starting on some Xeon machines with high number of threads.
    • Fixed: Few minor bugs found since last version.

Version 1.24.0
  • Release Date: Jan 26, 2019
  • Download(s):
    • Added: Two new options in RipBot264.ini (RunCommandSuccess,RunCommandError). 
    • Example: RunCommandSuccess="C:\Some Folder\YourProgram.exe" /some_switches %JOB%
    • Runs specified command when a job is finished. 
    • Added: CPU utilization graph in EncodingServer and in EncodingClient.
    • Added: KNLMeansCL [Adaptive] denoiser. (denoising strength is being reduced according to luminosity of the pixel)
    • Added: /server-name , /avisynth-prefetch-threads and /knlmeanscl-opencl-device-type to supported switches by EncodingServer.exe.
    • Added: /restart-if-no-progress switch also activates extra process (SuperviseProcess.exe) in order to detect any hangs directly in EncodingServer.exe. 
    • (logs are stored in %TEMP%\SuperviseProcessLog.txt and %TEMP%\EncodingServerLog.txt)
    • Added: Auto reconnect option in EncodingClient.exe 
    • Changed: /knlmeanscl-opencl-device to /knlmeanscl-opencl-device-id and /x264-opencl-device to /x264-opencl-device-id
    • Changed: EncodingClient no longer re-indexes video file.
    • Fixed: EncodingServer.exe not starting on machines with more than 32 logical processors.
    • Fixed: Instability in EncodingServer on some machines.
Version 1.23.1
  • Release Date: Oct 28, 2018
  • Download(s):
    • Added: Option to bind EncodingClient to specific IP
    • Added: Commandline switch to bind EncodingServer to specific IP (for example EncodingServer.exe /IP
    • Added: Commandline switch for EncodingServer /restart-if-no-progress (automatically restarts stalled encoding task)
    • Changed: Audio and Video streams are now indexed simultaneously. 
    • Fixed: Various bugs reported since last major version
Version 1.23.0
  • Release Date: Aug 26, 2018
  • Download(s):
    • Added: Better queue management
    • Added: support for commandline switches in EncodingServer.exe 
    • (/minimize , /port , /node , /affinity , /priority , /x264-opencl-device and /knlmeanscl-opencl-device)
    • Example: EncodingServer.exe /minimize /port 2000 /node 2 /affinity AAAA /priority low /x264-opencl-device 0 /knlmeanscl-opencl-device 1
    • EncodingServer will start in tray and start listening using port 2000.
    • Encoding task will be assigned to NUMA node 2 with affinity mask for CPU1,CPU3,CPU5,CPU7,CPU9,CPU11,CPU13,CPU15 in low priority. 
    • Futhermore x264 opencl will be set for first device and KNLMeansCL filter for second device. 
    • Added: Support fot 3rd audio stream
    • Added: Preffered audio language option
    • Added: HDR to SDR conversion directly in script (no bottleneck if used with prefetch)
    • Added: Automatic pre-indexing of all audio streams after demuxing
    • Added: support for PRORES as input format.
    • Changed: WatchFolder Mode now adds first unlocked file to queue instead of waiting for first detected file in folder to be unlocked
    • Fixed: Crashing in EncodingServer when other instance was being closed. EncodigServer also starts much faster than before.
    • Fixed: Various bugs reported since last major version
Version 1.22.0
  • Release Date: Jan 2, 2018
  • Download(s):
    • Added: Support for UHD Blurays
    • Added: Automatic HDR information retention while encoding to HEVC format 
    • Added: Automatic HDR to SDR tonemaping during conversion to AVC format
    • Added: Option to limit MT usage to specific filters only
    • Added: Custom Script option
    • Fixed: Various fixes and improvements 
Version 1.21.0
  • Release Date: Sep 22, 2017
  • Download(s):
    • Added: Support for AviSynth+ MT x64 (installer located in ToolsAviSynth folder) 
    • Finally no need to automatically limit processing threads due to 32bit memory limitation.
    • Warning! Jobs created by older version won't work with this version! You must start with freshly created job! 
    • Fixed: Various tweaks and changes under the hood. 
    • Updated: MKVToolnix v15.0.0, EncodingServer v1.8.1
Version 1.20.0
  • Release Date: Jul 8, 2017
  • Download(s):
    • Added: Automated Batch Mode (aka watch folder mode). Shortcuts are supported as well.
    • Added: Option to start Ripbot264 minimized and with activated Automated Batch Mode
    • Added: Remux subtitle option in Batch Mode
    • Added: Ripbot264 automatically selects m2ts files belonging to main movie (blu-ray demuxing -> EDIT option)
    • Added: Log file "JobsRejected.txt" is created when file can't be decoded
    • Added: Digits on taskbar and tray icon showing number of selected jobs
    • Added: Ripbot264 now always minimizes to tray instead of taskbar
    • Added: Animated tray icons in EncodingClient and EncodingServer 
    • Added: Option to demux DTS-HR (blu-ray demuxing)
    • Added: New encoding profile AVC-INTRA (fast intermediate format for editing)
    • Changed: Major code refactoring and some cosmetic changes in GUI
    • Updated: MediaInfo v0.7.97, MKVToolnix v13.0.0, x264 r2851, x264 v2.4.96
Version 1.19.6
  • Release Date: Apr 6, 2017
  • Download(s):
    • Added: EAC3, DTS-MA and TRUE-HD are no longer automatically converted to flac
    • Added: Faster (up to 1.5x on Ryzen 7) and more accurate auto-crop algorithm
    • Added: Faster frame extraction
    • Added: Improved BDO algorithm in EncodingClient.
    • First change is range. It now accepts only values between 0 and 1. (if value is larger then 1 is used)
    • There is also a new safety limit how much bitrate can be reduced for low complexity chunks (credits and so on). 
    • In old version it was 100kbps. Now the limit is 25% of nominal bitrate.
    • Updated: ffmpeg 2017.04.04, ffms2 v2.23.1, MediaInfo v0.7.94, MKVToolnix v10.0.0, NicAudio v2.0.6 
Version 1.19.5
  • Release Date: Feb 2, 2017
  • Download(s):
    • Added: Custom script in batch mode
    • Added: QTMC deinterlacer
    • Added: MDegrain denoiser
    • Fixed: Incorrect IP detection in EncodingServer
    • Fixed: Locked UI elements in EncodingClient after loss of focus
    • Updated: KNLMeansCL v1.0.0 , MKVToolnix v9.8.0 , x264 r2762 , x265 2.2.30
Version 1.19.4
  • Release Date: Jul 19, 2016
  • Download(s):
  • v1.19.4
    Added: Option to move video file to shared folder. (See EncodingClient.ini) 

    [hidden settings]

    Added: Updater automatically fixes corrupted updater.ini file
    Fixed: Downmix 4.0 to 2.0 didn't work
    Changed: In order to avoid language issues Encoding Client will share ripbot264temp folder using following command lines

    net share RipBot264temp=x:\Temp\RipBot264temp /GRANT:[correct 'everyone' word for your language],FULL 
    icacls "...\RipBot264temp" /T /C /Q /Grant:R *S-1-1-0:(OI)(CI)F

    Added: Option to run mutiple EncodingServers at RipBot264 launch. (See RipBot264.ini)
    where x is number between 1 and 10
    The same effect can be achieved by running EncodingServer.exe with /instances x switch. 
    For example: EncodingServer.exe /show /instances 2

    Fixed: DownloadPoster has been adapted to changes introduced on TMDB website
    Fixed: Various bugs in ModifyChapter tool
Version 1.19.0
  • Release Date: Aug 2, 2015
  • Download(s):
    • Added: GUI for settings
    • Added: Distributed encoding can be activate/deactivated directly in GUI
    • Added: Shortcut for logs in GUI (Right Click on selected job)
    • Fixed: Bitrate Distribution Optimization in DE MODE 
    • Fixed: Audio encoding on some machines (did not work due to wrong decimal symbol used in BlankClip() function) 
    • Fixed: HEVC files didn't work in DE MODE (local path was not changed to network path)
    • Updated: MKVToolnix v8.2.0, x264 r2579, x265 1.7.382
Version 1.18.3
  • Release Date: Jun 27, 2015
  • Download(s):
    • Added: Bitrate Distribution Optimization for 2-pass mode in Distributed Encoding Mode (chunks with smaller complexity get less bitrate and vice versa)
    • Added: EncodingClient can shutdown servers when all jobs are finished (See EncodingClient.ini for more details)
    • Added: Shut down method has been also added for main executable (See entry ShutDownMethod=shutdown in RipBot264.ini) 
    • Added: Autocrop in Batch mode
    • Added: Chunk Size for 2-pass mode is now adjustable. 
    • Added: EncodingClient can alternatively create one chunk per node with equal number of frames to process (2-pass mode only)
    • Changed: Thanks to new BDO default chunk size for 2-pass mode could be reduced to 60s. (smaller chunk size = better work distribution) 
    • Fixed: Crash in EncodingClient.exe
    • Fixed: DirectShowSource timeout error on some machines during encoding audio phase
    • Fixed: "NO AUDIO" option was missing if user selected .avs as video file
    • Updated: EncodingClient v1.6.0, EncodinServer v1.5.1, MKVToolnix v8.0.0, x265 1.7.243
Version 1.18.1
  • Release Date: Sep 18, 2014
  • Download(s):
    • Added: Support for HEVC as input format (mkv and mp4 containers only)
    • Changed: GUI will terminate processes via PID instead of file names
    • Fixed: Opus and Vorbis audio as well as subtitles were not demuxed from mkv container
    • Fixed: "Frozen frames" in DE mode with open-gop h.264
    • Fixed: wrong version of x265_x86.exe was inlcuded (was 64 bit but should be 32 bit)
    • Updated: FFMS 2.20 , mediainfo 0.7.70 , MKVToolnix 7.2.0 , x265 1.3.206
Version 1.80.0
  • Release Date: Aug 28, 2014
  • Download(s):
    • Added: Support for x265 (DE mode works as well)
    • Added: Permanent Subtitles option in Batch Mode (automatically renders subtitles on frame if subtitles have the same name as video file)
    • Added: AVS meter (You can now easily check processing speed of your script)
    • Added: workaround for crashing encoding client at the very end (while closing form)
    • Changed: encoded audio is now stored in Jobx folder
    • Updated: ffmpeg 2014-08-27, mediainfo 0.7.69 , MKVToolnix 7.1.0 , OPUS Tools 0.1.9 , x264 r2479 , x265 1.3.35
Version 1.17.5
  • Release Date: Jan 1, 2014
  • Download(s):
  • Added: UT Video is now accepted in DE mode
  • Added: workaround for grey frames in DE mode
  • Fixed: combining large number of chunks in DE mode
  • Fixed: hanging with hardcoded .ass subtitles
  • Changed: On windows 8 libavcodec is now set as default VC-1 decoder in FFDshow
  • Updated: FFmpegSource 2.19, Fraunhofer AAC Encoder v3.02.16 , FFmpeg 2013-12-07, MediaInfo 0.7.65, MKVToolnix 6.6.0, x264 r2345
Version 1.17.4
  • Release Date: Feb 2, 2013
  • Download(s):
  • Added: Demuxing DTS-MA and TrueHD (for those who really need them in mkv container for some reason)
  • Added: Audio is now encoded simultaneously with video (More efficient cpu usage)
  • Added: FRAPS recordings are now allowed in Distributed Encoding mode
  • Added: .FLV is allowed in Distributed Encoding Mode
  • Added: Opus audio as supported input format
  • Added: Automatic Upmix Mono to Stereo (reason: FhG AAC does not support mono)
  • Added: EncodingClient will now automatically share Ripbot264temp folder
  • Added: Prgress indicator while combining chunks
  • Added: AC3 192kbps,224kbps,256kbps profiles to mkv container
  • Added: Option in RipBot264.ini to tweak sharpening after resizing
  • Fixed: Hanging on some AAC files during 'Gathering information' stage
  • Fixed: Incorrect fps added to TextSub() function with enabled Inverse Telecine + Decimate
  • Changed: Vorbis codec removed (Reason: New better OPUS codec will be added later)
  • Changed: Bepipe.exe replaced by avs2pipemod.exe (Reason: Later does not require .net 2.0 to be installed)
  • Updated: BassAudio 2.4, eac3to 3.27, FFmpeg 2013-01-19, MediaInfo 0.7.61, MKVToolnix 6.0.0, x264 r2245
Version 1.17.3
  • Release Date: Aug 2, 2012
  • Download(s):
  • Added: WakeOnLan support in Encoding Client (valid MAC ADDRESSES must be specified in EncodingClient.ini)
  • Added: DE mode will now also work correctly on mixed 32bit/64bit systems (for example Client on x64 , Server on x86)
  • Added: Support for password protected sharing (valid username and password must be specified in EncodingClient.ini)
  • Added: Multiple Encoding Servers can be activated on single PC (Maybe usefull if for some reason CPU usage is not at 100%)
  • Changed: renamed Poster label to Cover and poster.jpg to cover.jpg in job folder (reason: Icaros 2.1 only extracts cover.jpg from .mkv!)
  • Updated: FhG AAC 2012-06-24, FFmpeg 2012-07-30, FFmpegSource r700, MKVToolnix 5.7.0, VSFilter 2.41.5626, x264 r2008
Version 1.17.2
  • Release Date: Jun 13, 2012
  • Download(s):
  • Added: Encoding Client now supports 8 servers
  • Added: Encoding Progress in DE mode is saved immediately when number of encoded chunks increases
  • Added: Progress indicator during 'combining vob' stage (thanks to Trayman for his tiny vjoin app)
  • Added: Progress indicator during 'Copying file to shared folder' stage in Encoding Client
  • Fixed: stability issues in Encoding Client and Encoding Server
  • Fixed: Encoding Server not visible while using remote desktop
  • Fixed: Problems with illegal decimal symbol
  • Fixed: chapters were incorrectly modified with inverse telecine function
  • Fixed: not detected languages in mkv container with mkvtoolnix 5.3.0+
  • Fixed: missing chapters for AVCHD after speed conversion
  • Fixed: error message while demuxing DVD subtitles with more than 16 languages
  • Fixed: Ripbot264 was showing Demuxing error instead of Decoding error
  • Updated: EncodingClient 1.2, EncodingServer 1.2, FFmpeg 2012-06-08, MediaInfo 0.7.58, MKVToolnix 5.6.0, VSFilter 2.40.5096, x264 r2200
Version 1.17.1
  • Release Date: Apr 28, 2012
  • Download(s):
  • Added: support for 10 bit encoding ( ).
  • Added: AVI, MP4 and MKV can also be used in Distributed Encoding Mode.
  • Added: Resuming in Distributed Encoding mode
  • Added: 5.0 to 5.1 audio upmix (Adds silent LFE channel)
  • Added: AVCHD format to batch mode
  • Added: Convert fps and Deinterlace options to batch mode
  • Added: DVD subtitles demuxing
  • Added: Automatic subtitle conversion Sub -> Sup for AVCHD format
  • Added: Prevent windows from entering sleep-mode/power-off while ripbot is working
  • Added: Command to start encoding from command line ( RipBot264.exe /start )
  • Added: Chapters are now automatically adjusted if output speed changes ( for example 25 fps -> 23.976 conversion )
  • Changed: 1 min chunks for CQ mode instead of 10 min
  • Changed: FFT3DGPU denoiser replaced by HQDN3D. GradFun2db replaced by flash3kyuu_deband.
  • Fixed: not working 'Shutdown when Finished'
  • Fixed: error message in batch mode. Broken video file will be automatically discarded
  • Fixed: EncodingClient was using Domain-Name instead of Computer-Name
  • Fixed: Incorrect number of frames between passes in Distributed Encoding. Now number of frames in last chunk will be limited according to stat file
  • Fixed: corruption at the begining of the chunk after encoding in Distributed Encoding mode
  • Fixed: EncodingClient will now try to restart chunks which did not start for some reason
  • Updated: EncodingClient 1.1, EncodingServer 1.1, FFmpeg 2012-04-26, MediaInfo 0.7.56, MKVToolnix 5.5.0, VSFilter 2.40.4496, x264 r2197
Version 1.17.0
  • Release Date: Jan 2, 2012
  • Download(s):
  • Added: Distributed Encoding for DVD/HD-DVD/BD sources (see RipBot264 Distributed Encoding Tutorial)
  • Added: BATCH MODE
  • Added: COPY STREAM for video (HD-DVD/Blu-Ray ONLY)
  • Added: Blu-Ray playlist is now editable
  • Added: DVD will be first pre-processed by PGCdemux in order to avoid A/V sync issues
  • Added: VSfilter in Haali Media Spliter is now automatically disabled (no more accidental hardcoded subs)
  • Added: Force subtitles for MKV and AVCHD
  • Changed: CT-AAC encoder to FhG AAC (Reason:
  • Updated: avs2yuv 0.24 BM mod 2, FFMPEG 2011-12-26, MediaInfo 0.7.52, MKVToolnix 5.2.0, remuxtool 1.2.5, VSFilter 2.40.3904, x264 r2120

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