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PlayOn is a media server that allows you to run Internet content, such as Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, Amazon VOD, on devices such as the PS3, Xbox 360, iPhone, WD/Netgear/Seagate media players and more
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OS Support: Windows XP Windows 2003 Windows Vista Windows 7 Windows 8
License: Commercial, 29.99
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PlayOn is a media server that allows you to run Internet content, such as Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, Amazon VOD, on various devices that normally don't support these services.

Using the DLNA standard, it will connect PCs with PlayOn installed to supported devices and allow you to access Internet content on these other devices even if they do not support the Internet content (such as Hulu) directly.

Supported Internet content services include, but is not limited to, Pandora, YouTube, Amazon VOD, Hulu, Netflix, Comedy Central, and, Vevo, MTV and many more. You can also share you own digital library with supported devices, like other DLNA servers.

Supported devices include, but again is not limited to, Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, iPhone, Moxi HD DVR, HP MediaSmart TV, NETGEAR Digital Entertainer Live EVA2000, VuNow VN1000SD/HD, Seagate FreeAgent Theater+ HD Media Player, Western Digital TV Live, brite-View CinemaTube, and UEBO M200.

PlayOn is available in a free Lite version, as well as a paid Premium version (either on a subscription plan, or a one-time fee). The Lite version supports Pandora and streaming of your own digital library, while the Premium version supports all the other Internet based services.


OS Compatibility:

Windows XP/Windows 2003/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8

License Details:

$29.99 for an annual subscription, or $4.99 on a monthly basis, plus a free Lite version. A life-time subscription is also available for $79.99

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