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OwnMenu allows you to quickly edit Blu-ray menus, adding your own menus via PSD files
Language: English
Ease of use: Not Rated
Latest Version: 1.1.0 (details)
OS Support: Windows 2000 Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 7
License: Commercial, 89.00
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Download: ownmenufe.exe   ownmenufe.exe

Description:Download OwnMenu Free Edition
Version:1.1.0 (added Apr 09, 2011 - view changelog)
Size:1.67 MB

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OwnMenu is a quick Blu-ray menu editor that allows you to quickly insert new menus to an existing Blu-ray movie via PSD file imports.

You can also insert logo video/splash screens, or change the existing menu so it skips straight to the movie, by-passing unskippable advertising.

OwnMenu is available in two versions, a free version with restrictions, and a full version. The free version only allows you to add menus when an entry and full menu already exists for the Blu-ray, the ability to add new episodes is removed and it only supports the import of m2ts clips (for which the clpi must already exist).


  • Insert your own menu seamlessly.
  • Insert new episodes.
  • Add your logo video to start playback at the first.
  • Playback the main movie directly without annoying warnings and advertisements.
  • Keep all original features and interactivty.
  • Support HDMV and BD-J mode.
  • Load PSD file and convert it to menu elements directly.
  • Build button commands automatically.
  • Route button and build neighbour relation automatically.
  • Support multi-page and button sound.
  • Import m2ts file or raw clip file to create new episode.
  • Excellent playback compatibility.
  • Very easy to use.

Sub Editions:

This software has the following sub editions:

OwnMenu Free Edition
  • OwnMenu <==


Supported File Formats:

Input Files: AC3, Blu-ray, DTS, H.264, SUP, VC-1
Output Files: Blu-ray

OS Compatibility:

Windows 2000/Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7

Revision History:

Version 1.1.0
  • Release Date: Apr 9, 2011
  • New: Add Popup Menu Off button type.
  • Fixed: Subtitle is closed after audio track select from Popup menu.
  • Changed: List the most common languages first for convenience.
  • Some minor changes and improvements.
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