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Trailer Updates: Vampires, Santa, Old Ass, and a Tough Lottery

Posted by: , 21:30 AEST, Thu July 4, 2024
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New trailers for "Nosferatu", "Red One", "My Old Ass", "Flight Risk", and "Jackpot"
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Time again to look at what's been happening in the trailer scene this past little while.

A stylish remake of a horror classic seems to be happening with Nosferatu - if the film is as interesting looking as the trailer, we have a winner here.

Here's another take on an old classic theme, Santa. Red One sees Santa get kidnapped, and it's the job of the E.L.F. (Extremely Large and Formidable) to get him back in time for you know what. The dodgy acronym aside, this seems like harmless Christmas fun to me.

Speaking of high concepts, what if you were able to communicate with your (almost) 40-year-old self? What would you say to her, what would she say to you? My Old Ass will let us know.

Mel Gibson, the director, is back with the "bottle movie" Flight Risk, starring a follically-challenged Mark Wahlberg - looks intense.

One of the final film appearance by the late and great Ray Liotta, 1992 is a heist movie set in the background of the L.A. Riots, and stars Tyrese Gibson and Scott Eastwood.

Longlegs looks creepy AF, especially the teasers here and here. You've been warned!

And finally, Jackpot teams Awkwafina and John Cena with acclaimed comedic director Paul Feig. Set in a dystopic America that's the current reality is edging uncomfortably towards.

Check out all of our recently added trailers here.


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