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Amazon, Netflix and Hollywood Studios Seek Millions in Damages from Defunct SET TV

Posted by: , 17:09 AEST, Fri July 5, 2019

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Streaming outfit alleged to have engaged in piracy loses case against content owners
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Streaming giant Netflix, along with Amazon and several Hollywood Studios is demanding millions in damages from a Florida based streaming service for alleged copyright infringement, despite the company having already closed shop.

Set Broadcast LLC had marketed and sold a set-top device called the "SETVNow", along with a subscription service that, at its peak, had more than 260,000 users. SET TV offered users access to pirated TV shows and movies streamable from the pre-loaded set-top device and when linked to the SETVNow service. The company marketed its device and service as legal to users.

While Set Broadcast initially defended the case, lawyers for the company has since withdrawn, citing unpaid bills. 

Set Broadcast's lack of ability to put up a legal defence may be due to the fact that it has already lost a suit brought forward by Dish Network, in which Dish was rewarded damages of $90 million.

With no legal defence, the court has sided with Netflix and Co. and the content owners have demanded $7,650,000 in statutory damages resulting from 51 infringed works.

It's unlikely that Set Broadcast will have the means to come up with monetary demand, let alone the $90 million already owed to Dish.

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