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22% of U.S. Households Wants to Sign up to Disney+, New Report

Posted by: , 17:41 AEST, Sat June 8, 2019

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There is already awareness of Disney+ in the U.S., and different demographics may be signing up for different reasons
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A new report suggests that up to 22 per cent of U.S. households will sign up to Disney's new streaming service Disney+ when it launches in November.

The report by London based research firm Ampere Analysis found that among the key demographic of 18 to 24-year olds, and households with children, awareness of Disney+ was at its highest.

Among the 1,003 Internet users in the U.S. that were surveyed for the report, it was again households with children that were most likely to sign up to Disney+, with 36% saying likely or highly likely.

35 to 44-year olds were the next likely, with 35% saying they were either likely or highly likely to sign up.

Interestingly, different groups had different reasons as to why they wanted to sign up to Disney+.

Among 18 to 24-year olds interested in signing up to Disney+, it was content from Marvel that they were most interested in. 25 to 35-year olds were most interested in animated films, while for those aged 35 or older, it was Star Wars content from Disney subsidiary Lucasfilm that was the main draw.

This is no surprise, considering Star Wars was launched in the late '70s, Disney had a string of animated hits in the '90s and it has been all about Marvel in recent years.

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