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CES: LG Debuts Roll Up "Out of Nowhere" TV

Posted by: , 15:56 AEDT, Wed January 9, 2019

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LG impresses with TV that rolls up from a soundbar
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Image/Photo Credit: LG

LG has vowed CES crowds by unveiling a TV that appears out of nowhere by rolling up from a Dolby Atmos soundbar.

Taking full advantage of OLED screen's ability to be rolled up, LG has "hidden" a TV inside what looks like a normal TV cabinet, which also houses the Dolby Atmos compatible soundbar.

The TV has what's called a "Zero View" mode, which with the TV screen fully hidden, will still allows for music playback. The screen can also be be partly rolled out to display selected information perform other functions, such as checking the weather.

LG also announced their lineup of 8K TVs, ready for launch in 2019. LG's new phones will also feature 5G support, with the company predicting 4K movies will be downloaded "in seconds" on the new mobile platform.

LG's new TVs will also add Amazon Alexa compatibility. Apple AirPlay will also be incorporated into the 2019 range of TVs.

[via Media Play News]


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