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Denuvo Protected Game Cracked in A Matter of Hours

Posted by: , 15:31 AEDT, Sat October 7, 2017

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The effectiveness of Denuvo called into question again as hit game cracked in only a few hours after release
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The Age of Denuvo may be at an end, with the once impregnable anti-tampering protection now taking as little as two hours to crack.

Game cracking group STEAMPUNKS announced their breakthrough for the game 'Total War: Warhammer 2', bring back the "bad old days" of zero day cracks, that is cracks released on the same day as the game's official release date.

This means that for game publisher Sega, the money they paid to license Denuvo technology has been completely wasted, as it failed to even protect the game for a single day after release.

Denuvo's gradual decline accelerated over the last year, with the then record breaking crack of 'Resident Evil 7' (cracked in 5 days), a major new version of Denuvo cracked within the a month, and the game RiME cracked within a couple of days after the game's cracker also revealed Denuvo's unreasonable drain on system resources.

But the previous efforts protected the game for a few days at the very least - this latest effort means that, at least in some cases, Denuvo offers protection that's no better than gaming DRM of old, the ones that also failed to protect the game past day 1.

[via TorrentFreak]


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