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Denuvo v4, Only Recently Released, Cracked Already

Posted by: , 19:36 AEST, Tue April 18, 2017

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Not great news for Denuvo, but game publishers will still be able to protect their games for a while
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Image/Photo Credit: Bigben Interactive

Game protection engine Denuvo's battle with pirates has intensified in recent times due to the cracking of several high profile titles, but the company's latest efforts to refresh the protection appears to have been cracked already.

Only introduced early this year, the latest version of Denuvo, dubbed v4, was the company's response to the premature cracking of A-list release Resident Evil 7. The refreshed protection reset the clock on release groups who had gotten more and more efficient at cracking previous versions of Denuvo.

But a month after the release of game 2Dark, which was one of the first games to feature Denuvo v4, the protection engine has already been cracked and pirated copies of 2Dark are now available to download at all the usual places.

Games that use or will use the latest Denuvo engine include Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3, Dead Rising 4, Nier: Automata, Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition, and Mass Effect: Andromeda, which had v4 patched in after release.

With the way Denuvo works, cracking one game does not automatically crack other games that use the same engine version. However, the techniques used to crack Denuvo can sometimes be transferred to use with other games protected by the same engine, and it could mean that other v4 protected games will soon fall.

While a month of protection is still a long time, giving publishers protection against piracy during a game's most crucial (and most profitable) release period, the fact that crackers managed to crack a fresh new version of Denuvo in such a relatively short period, may spell bad news to other game publishers keen to sign up or already using v4.

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