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First Pirated PS4 Games Hits the Scene, but You Can't Play It, Most Likely

Posted by: , 15:46 AEDT, Thu October 5, 2017

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There are now pirated PS4 games you can download, but most likely, you won't be able to play them
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Those that wish to play pirated games on their PS4 will finally have a way, but chances are, they won't be able to do so.

Release group KOTF (Knights of the Fallen) has just cracked and released several PS4 games with instructions on how to play them. The released games, Grand Theft Auto V, Far Cry 4, and Assassins Creed IV, are all fairly outdated and this is no coincidence.

The main requirement for playing these pirated games, aside from the need to download up to 45,000 MB of game data, will be for a PS4 that still runs the v1.76 firmware. The most current firmware version already runs to v5.00.

The reason for the outdated firmware requirement is simple - only this version of the PS4 firmware has been jailbroken so far. This is also why the cracked games are also so outdated - newer games require newer firmware to work.

The chance that someone is still running firmware version 1.76 is remote, as the PS4 auto-updates the firmware whenever it goes online, and there's no way to downgrade firmware. Only someone that has deliberately jailbroken their PS4 before and kept it jailbroken by not allowing it to connect online, will be able to take advantage of these pirated games.

And even then, users will need to be able to use a suite of tools such as FTP Payload, an ELF loader, Netcat, etc... and follow the complicated instructions to get the game loaded.

For those that can't do any of this, there may be "hope" on the horizon. Rumours suggest that a more recent PS4 firmware, v4.55, may have just been exploited.

[via TorrentFreak]


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