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Hacker Releases Stolen Netflix Episodes, Threatens More Releases

Posted by: , 14:53 AEST, Sun April 30, 2017

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Hacker release unreleased episodes of OITNB after Netflix refused to pay ransom demands
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Image/Photo Credit: Dennis Skley @ Flickr, CC

A hacker calling him or herself 'The Dark Overlord' has released stolen, unreleased of Netflix's hit show 'Orange is the New Black', after the streaming giant refused to meet the financial demands of the hacker.

10 out of 13 of the upcoming season of the prison comedy/drama, originally scheduled for release in early June, were released on a file sharing service, and pirates soon made it available at all the usual outlets.

Netflix has traced the breach to a production vendor located in Los Gatos, California. The vendor has stated that the FBI and other authorities were already investigating the breach.

The hacker demanded monetary payment in exchange for not releasing the episodes, but Netflix were "unresponsive", according to posts on the hacker's Twitter account

With Netflix refusing to pay the ransom, The Dark Overlord has turned his attention to other networks, suggesting that he has access to other stolen shows.

"Who is next on the list? FOX, IFC, NAT GEO, and ABC. Oh, what fun we're all going to have. We're not playing any games anymore," posted The Dark Overlord on Twitter.

According to Variety's sources, an upcoming season of Nat Geo and Ron Howard's series 'Breakthrough' may be one of the shows in The Dark Lord's possession.

[via VarietyCBS]


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