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MPAAExit: MPAA Warns EU over Ban on Geo-Blocking

Posted by: , 18:07 AEST, Sat June 25, 2016

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MPAA the latest to threaten EU, warning introduction of geo-blocking ban could mean fewer movies being produced
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Hollywood's main copyright lobby has warned the EU not to adopt new laws which could ban the use of geo-blocking in EU countries.

The EU is aiming to remove geographical restrictions when it comes to accessing audio and visual programming, such as streaming Spotify or Netflix, within member countries as part of its Digital Single Market reform.

But addressing the CineEurope convention this week, MPAA Chairman and CEO Chris Dodd urged the EU to reconsider their actions, and warned that these changes could mean fewer movies, and higher prices for consumers.

"While the stated goals of these proposals are laudable – offering greater choice to European consumers and strengthening cultural diversity – in reality, these ideas could actually cause great harm to Europe’s film industries and its consumers," said Dodd.

"The European Union is made up of 28 different nations with different cultures, different languages, and different tastes. Forcing every film to be marketed and released the same way everywhere, at the same time, is a recipe for failure," he added.

"The ability of filmmakers and distributors to market and release their films where, how, and when they think best gives them the greatest chance to succeed."

Dodd urged the industry insiders attending the convention to put pressure on their elected representatives.

The European Commission will unveil their detailed plans for the audio-visual sector later this year.


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