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PS4 Has Almost Double the Market Share of Xbox One

Posted by: , 17:42 AEDT, Thu March 23, 2017

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Sony has huge lead over Microsoft in this generation's console wars
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Image/Photo Credit: Sony

Sony's PS4 has powered ahead to grab 51% of the home console market in 2016, well ahead of the rival Xbox One.

According to the latest sales report by IHS Markit, Sony's powerful PS4 console now has a commanding lead over Microsoft's Xbox One, which has only managed to obtain 26% of the worldwide market.

While the sales gap may be smaller in the United States, globally, the PS4 is completely dominating the Xbox One. A stronger games line-up, as well as actual and perceived performance superiority of Microsoft's console, has allowed Sony to flourish when its previous console, the PS3, struggled for dominance.

Microsoft's introduction of the Xbox One S, which improves gaming performance as well as adding 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray playback, has evened the playing field somewhat, and the company's upcoming 'Scorpio' update should allow the Xbox brand to wear the performance crown for the foreseeable future.

But Microsoft's missteps in early marketing for the console, when the company tried to end the use of physical discs and go fully digital for game purchases, has cost the console. As of the end of 2016, only 27.6 million Xbox One consoles have been sold, compared to 53 million PS4s.

Overall, the gaming market appears to be shrinking, with sales down 2.5% compared to the previous year. IHS expects console sales to pick up again in 2017, thanks to the popularity of Nintendo's new Switch console.

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