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Ed Sheeran: Piracy Helped My Career

Posted by: , 14:58 AEDT, Tue March 21, 2017

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"Illegal fire sharing was what made me" says Ed Sheeran
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Image/Photo Credit: Tobias Vemmenby @ Flickr, CC

Music superstar Ed Sheeran has let known his secret to success: illegal file sharing!

In an interview with CBS, Sheeran, the artist behind hits 'Photograph' and 'Shape of You', was asked what helped him get to where he is today. And his answer was simple and surprising.

It was fans and their use of illegal file sharing, that helped him get recognized. 

"I know that’s a bad thing to say, because I'm part of a music industry that doesn’t like illegal file sharing," said Sheeran.

"Yeah, but illegal fire sharing was what made me. It was students in England going to university, sharing my songs with each other."

But today's new artists may no longer need to rely on piracy to get noticed, as Sheeran says that file sharing basically no longer exists, thanks to the introduction of a raft of new legal alternatives.

"I don't think file sharing exists now ... Yeah, I think people rip off YouTube. That's a thing. But I feel like it’s so easy to stream," explained Sheeran.

[via CBS]


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