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RIAA Seizes Wrong MP3Skull Domain, Act Could Be Illegal

Posted by: , 14:31 AEDT, Fri October 14, 2016

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Wrong MP3Skull domain name seized, but the RIAA probably won't care
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The RIAA's ongoing battle with MP3 download site MP3Skull has taken a turn towards the bizarre, with possibly the wrong domain name being seized with no legal justification whatsoever.

The RIAA has already won a legal battle against MP3Skull, but over the last year, both sides have engaged in a game of cat and mice, with the RIAA seizing MP3Skull's domain names, and the site moving to new ones in order to keep the site alive.

MP3Skull's latest move was to a .vg domain name, the top level domain name of the British Virgin Islands. But for some mysterious reason, the .vg site started to redirect to, a site that has no association with the original MP3Skull. 

And the owner of was at pains to point out, on Twitter, that he had no idea why MP3Skull was redirecting to them and that they definitely had nothing to do with the site whatsoever.

Unfortunately, these denials have been completely ignored by the RIAA, and the music group wasted no time in seizing the domain name. They have done it on the legal basis of their previous court victory against MP3Skull, but as the newly seized site belongs to someone else, the seizure itself may very well be illegal.

The RIAA are, however, unlikely to admit their mistake in the matter, and return the domain name to its rightful owner. They may also not be too displeased at how events have turned out, having inadvertently taken down another, albeit different, MP3 download site.

For the owners of though, they have now moved to a different domain name, and are moving on from this issue.

[via TorrentFreak]


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