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Capcom Releases, and Then Pulls Street Fighter v Anti-Crack Patch

Posted by: , 16:54 AEST, Thu September 29, 2016

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New anti-security patch causes havoc for Street Fighter V gamers
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Image/Photo Credit: Capcom

Capcom says it's not a DRM, but the gaming company's introduction of a new digital protection scheme has been met with universal disapproval.

The anti-cracking system was included with a recent patch for the company's flagship game, Street Fighter V (SFV). But users soon noticed that the patch fell foul of Window's User Account Control (UAC), which prevents programs from accessing core system files without permission.

But when anti-virus tools started flagging the patch as suspicious, gamers became suspicious too at just what exactly is Capcom introducing into the game.

Capcom, bowing to public pressure, soon released more information about the new protection scheme. The patch introduced a new system to lock out unauthorised modifications to the game, mods that may be used to cheat and obtain "in-game currency and other entitlements" in SFV. The new protection system had to obtain permission to access core files in order to work, and it was this bahaviour that set off (admittedly false positive) warnings from anti-virus tools.

Capcom has since rolled back the patch. It is unknown at the moment if the company plans to re-introduce the security measures at a different time, this time perhaps working with security firms, as well as notifying users in advance, to ensure the patch does not set off more (false) alarms.

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