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Chinese Cracking Groups Claims They've Cracked Denuvo

Posted by: , 14:18 AEDT, Mon February 15, 2016

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Chinese cracking group returns from short-lived hiatus to release crack for Denuvo
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Chinese cracking group 3DM, only days before having announced a one year break from cracking, have announced they have broken the Denuvo anti-tampering system that have successfully protected games like 'FIFA 16'.

While Denuvo protects games from being cracked, it itself is not a DRM in the strictest sense. Instead, Denuvo protects existing DRM solutions from being tampered with, and it has been incredibly successful so far, with some games taking months to be cracked.

Denuvo is so effective that 3DM recently claimed that the games might become impossible to crack in just two year's time.

When the Chinese cracking group last week decided to take a one year long hiatus from releasing new cracks, which they said at the time was to give the PC gaming industry a breather, many questioned whether the move was due to the group's difficulties dealing with Denuvo. Still insisting on the original reasons for the hiatus, and faced with criticism from gamers who called 3DM quitters for having failed to break Denuvo, the group has now announced that they have already cracked Denuvo and that their year long break has nothing to do with "technical problem" - the Denuvo crack will act as proof of their words.

If the claims are true, then this will be a big blow to the game industry, who only last week had an uncracked Denuvo protecting their games, and one of the most prolific cracking groups taking a long break - now, they face the prospect of high profile games like 'Just Cause 3' and 'Tomb Raider: The Rise' being cracked and free to download and play for all.


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