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Piracy Site, Group YTS/YIFY Shuts Down

Posted by: , 16:51 AEDT, Sun November 1, 2015

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One of the web's largest and most prolific piracy release groups has decided to cease all operations
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One of the largest piracy release groups, and the torrent download website they operated, has been permanently shut down.

The website, YTS, went down last week under mysterious circumstances, and so far, no explanation has been given for the shut down, or the decision by the release group YIFY to stop uploading pirated movies to YTS and other torrent sites.

But torrent news site TorrentFreak has confirmed, via numerous sources, that the YTS/YIFY shutdown is permanent, and that the reasons for the shutdown will be made public in the coming weeks.

YIFY has been one of the most prolific release groups on the Internet since the group's debut in 2010. Since then, the group has released over 6,000 titles, and their torrents are often the most frequently downloaded.

The end of the group's piracy activities will have a major effect on the piracy scene in the short term, with many fake YIFY torrents already appearing on various torrent sites. But in the long term, YIFY's demise will not be a killer blow to piracy, as other groups will simply take over and continue on from where YIFY left off.


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