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GOG Gives Gamers Option to Redeem DRM-Free Copy of Their Steam Games

Posted by: , 14:38 AEST, Sat June 4, 2016

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You can now get free copies of selected Steam games added to your GOG account, no strings or DRM attached
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Image/Photo Credit: GOG

You can now get DRM-free copies of selected Steam games by importing your Steam game library into GOG.

GOG, who have long championed the DRM-free philosophy, are putting their wallet where their mouth is by offering gamers free copies of selected games they already own on Steam, except these games will be completely free of DRM!

Users who choose to do this via the GOG Connect feature will still have unchanged access to the Steam version of these games, but they will also now have the same games available for (DRM-free) download in their GOG accounts.

Currently, only 23 games, mostly indie hits like Bit Trip Runner, Braid, and Xenonauts, are supported by GOG Connect. A couple of commercial games are also supported, including Saints Row 2, Unreal Gold, and GOG's own The Witcher. Users have limited time to import the titles into their GOG library.

GOG is compensating developers out of their own pocket to enable the transfer, and the company says they're negotiating with more developers to expand the list of supported games.

You can get started by going to the official GOG Connect website.


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