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PS4 Now Officially Jailbroken, Says Hacker

Posted by: , 15:28 AEDT, Tue December 15, 2015

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Hacker claims the PS4 has been "officially jailbroken"
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A hacker has made claims that the PS4 has been jailbroken.

Someone referring to himself, or herself, as CTurt on Twitter made the claim this week, after earlier in the month claiming to have successfully tested a kernel exploit for the PS4. He thanked "everyone involved" at that time, suggesting that the hack was part of a larger community effort to jailbreak Sony's top selling console.

The exploit currently works only on version 1.76 or older versions of the PS4 firmware (the latest version is 3.11), which makes it unlikely that the use of this particular jailbreaking method will be widespread. But the exploit could be used to find further exploits in newer versions of the firmware.

Hackers and developers routinely challenge themselves by attempting to jailbreak devices such as the PS4. Jailbroken devices can be used to run homebrew software (those made by enthusiasts without having gone through the official Sony verification and release procedures). Another use for jailbreaking would be to run pirated games, although CTurt makes it clear his intentions behind the jailbreaking attempt has nothing to do with piracy.

"People who keep asking for piracy: go away, please," tweeted CTurt.

CTurt has previously released an open-source PS4 SDK, and so his claims, while lacking a working proof, cannot be discounted entirely either.

Regardless, Sony will be sure to keep an eye on the work of CTurt, and if his or her work proceeds further and threatens the security ecosystem, the company will most likely take technical and possibly even legal actions to ensure the jailbreaking doesn't become widespread.


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