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MPAA Confirms They're Responsible for YTS/YIFY, Popcorn Time Shutdowns

Posted by: , 17:03 AEDT, Thu November 5, 2015

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Hollywood studios behind recent closures of piracy groups, websites
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Image/Photo Credit: Tactical Technology Collective @ Flickr, CC

Hollywood trade group the MPAA has confirmed they and their major studios partners are responsible for taking down major torrent piracy group YIFY (and their YTS website), as well as the most popular version of Popcorn Time.

The multi-nation crackdown occurred a few weeks ago, in separate efforts targeting the operators behind YTS/YIFY, as well as the developers of the most popular branch of Popcorn Time, in New Zealand and Canada.

The major Hollywood studios have initiated lawsuits against three Canadian developers of Popcorn Time, who also operated the now defunct website. The MPAA led studios obtained a legal injunction, which allowed them to effectively shut down the, new legal documents have now revealed.

Almost at the same time, the studios obtained a warrant against the New Zealand based operator of YTS/YIFY, and also issued threats of multi-million dollar lawsuits.

Sources informed TorrentFreak that several of the targeted are now working with the MPAA, providing information in exchange for a more lenient treatment.

The MPAA declared victory against these two major piracy outlets.

"This coordinated legal action is part of a larger comprehensive approach being taken by the MPAA and its international affiliates to combat content theft," said MPAA boss Chris Dodd.

"Popcorn Time and YTS are illegal platforms that exist for one clear reason: to distribute stolen copies of the latest motion picture and television shows without compensating the people who worked so hard to make them," he added.


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