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Meet Aurous, the 'Popcorn Time' for Music Set to Make Piracy Too Easy

Posted by: , 15:23 AEST, Sat September 12, 2015

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Spotify for music pirates set to be released in early October
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A new piece of free software is to make music piracy as easy as using Spotify, has been dubbed the "Popcorn Time" for music.

Popcorn Time helped to make movie and TV piracy as easy to use as watching Netflix, and it has sent shock-waves through the movie and TV piracy scene. Its huge popularity has rights-holders scrambling to react, and even Netflix has come out to suggest that Popcorn Time is a serious threat.

There now promises to be a new piece of software that does the same for music. Meet Aurous, from the developer of the Stike torrent search engine, which promises to give users a Spotify like experience, except with unlimited streaming and download, and all powered via torrent uploads.

Aurous, available in alpha form in coming weeks, is made by developer Andrew Sampson, who was in the news earlier in the year for having his PayPal account blocked.

In effect, Aurous is not just a BitTorrent client, but each client is also a P2P search engine, powered by the Strike search engine. The software is also made with a decentralized design, making it incredibly difficult for rights-holders to shut down its usage.

Sampson promises that by the time the alpha version is available in early October, users will be able to search and download practically any song they can think of. The software will be free to download, but may be ad-supported, and will be available on all major platforms including Windows, Mac, Linux Android and iOS.


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