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4 in 10 US Households Are Streaming Subscribers

Posted by: , 17:49 AEDT, Sun March 15, 2015

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Penetration of SVOD services like Netflix, Amazon and Hulu Plus reach 40% in the U.S.
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40% of all U.S. households now subscribe to a streaming video service like Netflix, Hulu or Amazon.

These results come courtesy of a new study by Nielsen, and it found that more than 1 in 3 American households are already Netflix subscribers.

36% of American households currently have Netflix, compared to 13% for Amazon's Prime Instant Streaming and Hulu Plus's 6.5%.

The survey found that people who subscribe to streaming services tend to the young to middle aged (49% are under 44), or families (45% have children). They are also tech minded, with 24% of SVOD subscribers having a connected Smart TV, compared to 14% for an average household. 65% also have a video game console, compared to only 38% for broadband enabled households that do not currently subscribe to a streaming service.

The survey found that, whether it's through SVOD or traditional viewing methods, the average American adult watches 4 hours and 51 minutes of live television every day. This is down 13 minutes a day, with other activities such as smart phone usage making up the difference (smart phone usage is up 17 minutes per day).


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