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Average Netflix Viewing up 350% since 2011

Posted by: , 22:13 AEST, Sat September 27, 2014

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Netflix viewing is way up, despite lack of top quality content, new studies show
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Netflix subscribers are watching an average of 1.5 hours of content every day according to new research.

Research from The Diffusion Group (TDG) has revealed the daily habits of Netflix watchers, and it shows that usage of the popular video streaming platform has tripled since 2011.

Just in the second quarter of 2014, subscribers streamed a total of 7 billion hours of content, up from "only" 2 billion hours in 2011. That works out to be around 93.2 minutes per day for each subscriber, according to TDG's research.

While this represents tremendous growth for Netflix, traditional TV is still far more popular - with each viewer viewing more than 4.5 hours of content every day on average.

TDG's data also showed that Netflix usage outside of the US has also greatly increased, with non US usage now accounting for 28% of total usage, compared to only 6% in 2011.

Netflix's growing popularity is occurring new research showing that most top films are not available on the platform.

Results from a study conducted by research firm KPMG showed that out of 808 most popular films, only 16% were available on SVOD platforms such as Netflix, while almost all of these films were available for purchase on digital platforms such as iTunes.


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