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Analysis Shows Netflix Has 'Better' Content than Amazon ... For Now

Posted by: , 17:38 AEST, Sun July 6, 2014

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A look at the top rated TV shows and movies reveal that Netflix is still ahead of Amazon, but Hulu Plus is the king of TV
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An analysis of content available on Netflix and rival streaming services shows that Netflix is still the king when it comes to movies, but Hulu is a must if you want the latest TV shows.

Analysis conducted by investment bank Piper Jaffray & Co looked at the top rated movies and TV shows, and found that Netflix was still leading Amazon "by a wide margin" when it comes to the best content.

For example, when looking at the 75 top-rated TV shows over the last four seasons, Netflix offers 32% of these episodes for viewing, compared to only 12% for Amazon. However, the gap is gradually shrinking with Netflix's offerings declining and Amazon's offerings increasing during the same time period.

For the top 50 box office leaders over the last 3 years, Netflix was again on top with 12%, compared to 6% for Amazon. Amazon did have more top movies that are more than two years old.

Given its slightly different content model, Hulu Plus unsurprisingly did not do well when it came to movies, but was easily on top for TV shows. Hulu Plus had 57% of the top 75 series from the previous TV season, compared to Netflix's 20% and Amazon's 9%.

Piper Jaffray & Co analyst Michael Olson predicts that Netflix's library of top shows and movies will contract over the next few years as the company concentrates more on original content, while Amazon will spend the same time catching up by signing up new deals with distribution companies, such as recent deals with Fox and CBS.


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