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Kevin Spacey: 'Give People What They Want' to Fight Piracy

Posted by: , 22:42 AEST, Mon August 26, 2013

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Kevin Spacey delivers passionate speech urging changes to the way content is delivered to viewers, saying that the Netflix model of giving people what they want, when they want it, is the solution to piracy
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Kevin Spacey has delivered a keynote speech at the prestigious James MacTaggart Memorial Lecture asking traditional media to embrace the Netflix model.

Spacey, who has been nominated for an Emmy award for his performance in the hit Netflix Original TV series House of Cards, was the first ever Hollywood star to deliver the keynote address. And he used the opportunity to promote the idea that giving people what they want, is the way forward for the film and TV industries.

The first season of House of Cards on Netflix, unlike most network TV shows, was made available all at once, simultaneously across the globe (or at least in countries where Netflix is officially available). And Kevin says that instant and simultaneous access, where viewers decide when and what to watch, is the future not just for TV, but for opening day of movies too. And it's also the way to fight against piracy.

"I believe the notion of being able to convince the theatre owners that we can open a movie online, in the movie theatres, on DVD, on the same day is probably where it's leading and I believe that would be a huge bite out of piracy because if it's all available nobody is going to be stealing it before someone else gets it," said Spacey.

And speaking more directly on the issue of making all episodes available, Spacey says that binge watching is what people want nowadays, and it's what networks should provide. 

"Clearly the success of the Netflix model - releasing the entire season of House Of Cards at once - has proved one thing: the audience wants control. They want freedom. If they want to binge - as they've been doing on House Of Cards - then we should let them binge," added Spacey.

In conclusion, Spacey says that by solving the access problem, the piracy problem will solve itself.

"Give people what they want, when they want it, in the form they want it in, at a reasonable price, and they'll more likely pay for it rather than steal it," Spacey concluded.


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