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Google Not Keen to Remove Homepages of Suspected 'Piracy Sites'

Posted by: , 12:39 AEDT, Thu November 27, 2014

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Google taking a stand against DMCA removal of "non specific" pages
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Google has rejected DMCA removal requests filed by the MPAA for homepages and category pages on several suspected piracy sites.

Of the 81 URLs submitted for removal, only 21, or 26%, were actually removed. Google decided not to take any action on 60 URLs.

One rejected submission refers to the movie 'The Calling', with the URL being requested to be removed being that particular site's "new releases" page, with 'The Calling' being one of the listed movies on that page. The same website's homepage was also part of the DMCA takedown request for the movie 'Fury', which at the time of writing, did not actually feature on the homepage (which features dynamic and changing content).

Google does not provide any information on why a submission was rejected, Google previously told BitTorrent news website TorrentFreak that they do not take action on materials deemed "too remote from infringing activity". 

Most rights holders submit specific pages related to a specific title for removal, but this process can be drawn out and time consuming. The MPAA has been successful before in removing homepages in "strategic" takedowns, but it appears their tactics have fallen foul of Google's removal policies this time.


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