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MPAA's 'WhereToWatch' Website Updated With More Features

Posted by: , 00:10 AEDT, Sun November 16, 2014

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New MPAA operated website makes it easier to find legal options, including being able to more easily search for the availability of a title from Netflix or Hulu
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The MPAA's website has been relaunched in a new beta form that makes it easier for users to find legal ways to watch their favourite movies and TV shows. 

First launched in 2013, the version of the site available then was a simple one page affair that listed the commons ways users can download or stream content online. 

The new version launched this week now includes a sleek interface and a fully searchable database, which then shows the various ways users can buy or subscribe to the said content online, from Netflix to Vudu, from Hulu to Xbox Video.

For the titles that aren't yet available to watch legally online, users can set an email alert to be notified whenever new watching options become available, such as when Netflix adds the season or the movie to their library.

The MPAA has been keen recently to highlight the legal digital options available to users, after being criticized for not providing enough options to those willing to pay. The MPAA may also be responding to criticism it itself received from Google, for not having enough listable legal content and pages to put into Google's index, ahead of piracy related results. With this latest update of the WhereToWatch website, with its enhanced search functionalities and a database of titles each with their own page, it should allows Google to be able to more easily crawl for legal results, and display these results to users.


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