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Netflix Bandwidth Share up Again, HBO Go Accounts for Only 1% of Usage

Posted by: , 16:37 AEDT, Sun November 23, 2014

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Netflix's share of peak download traffic is up again, while growing Amazon Instant is a distant second
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Image/Photo Credit: Netflix

Netflix's share of peak download bandwidth has grown in the second half of 2014, but only slightly, according to a report by network management firm Sandvine.

Sandvine's bi-annual Global Internet Phenomena Report shows that Netflix's share of peak download traffic in North America has grown from 34% in the first half to nearly 35% (34.98%) in the second half.

Showing Netflix's dominance in the region, Amazon Instant Video, the second largest subscription video-on-demand service, only accounted for 2.6% of peak download traffic. This was still more than double what the service consumed 18 months ago.

Netflix's global dominance may also grow thanks to the its official introduction into more regions next year, including into the Australasian region. But despite Netflix's lack of an official presence in that region, 2.5% of users, on an unnamed fixed network in the region, are already accessing the service via geo-unblockers, accounting for as much as 4% of peak downstream traffic.

The figures also show HBO's introduction of a standalone streaming product in 2015 can't any come sooner, with its current cable-tied HBO Go product only accounting for 1% of download traffic.

"With both Netflix and Amazon Instant Video gaining bandwidth share in North America during 2014, it will be fascinating to see how a standalone HBOGO streaming option will impact networks when it launches in 2015," said Dave Caputo, President and CEO, Sandvine.

The increasing popularity of legal streaming options may also be having an effect on illegal download traffic, with filesharing traffic continuing to shrink in all regions, except in Asia-Pacific countries.


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