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Netflix Now Account for More than a Third of Peak Internet Traffic

Posted by: , 21:09 AEST, Sat May 17, 2014

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A third of all peak Internet traffic now being consumed by Netflix, at the expense of file sharing traffic
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Internet users streaming Netflix videos are using more than a third of all Internet traffic during peak hours, according to a new report.

The report by network management firm Sandvine Inc highlights the growing popularity of video streaming, in particular, Netflix's offering, in North America. 34% of all Internet traffic during peak times were traced back to Netflix usage, up from 32% in the latter half of 2013.

And perhaps unsurprisingly, Internet users flocking to Netflix's huge video library are also now pirating less. File sharing traffic, once as high as 31% of all peak traffic, now only accounts for 8.3%.

Sandvine also provided information on so called "cord-cutters", those that have moved away from traditional cable offerings to rely solely on online based content. These users, Sandvine says, were the top 15 per cent of streamers and downloaded an average of 212 GB of data per month, equivalent to about 100 hours of video.

This compares with the bottom 15%, users who only used on average 5 GB of data.

Netflix recently signed major deals with top ISPs to ensure the smooth flow of data to subscribers.


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