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Xbox 720 Rumors: Blu-ray, AR Glasses, 8GB RAM And Touch Screen Controller

Posted by: , 13:25 AEDT, Wed November 21, 2012

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Latest Xbox 720, or 'Durango' rumors suggest a 16-core CPU, 8GB or RAM, AR glasses, Blu-ray, 3D sound and a Wii U like touchscreen controller
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Image/Photo Credit: schreiblockade @ Flickr, CC

There has not been a shortage of Xbox 720 rumors, but the lastest issue of Xbox World magazine has compiled all the rumors, all the leaks, talked to "industry experts" and came up with the most definitive roundup yet.

Our previous coverage of Xbox 720 rumors (herehere and here) did cover many of the same features that Xbox World says are very likely to be part of the next Xbox console.

From Blu-ray drives, to Kinect 2.0 that can detect finger movements, to augmented reality glasses - a lot of the info are based on leaked documents, or just common sense. 

But Xbox World's article did go into more detail on some new areas too. They says that 'Durango', the codename for the next-gen Xbox console, will also be powered by a CPU that comes with 4 hardware cores, each divided into 4 logical cores (so a total of 16 cores!), and a whopping 8GB of RAM.

Other potentially new rumors covered include the use of 3D sound, which along with the augmented reality glasses, will attempt the draw the gamer further into the game.

The recently released Wii U has a touch-screen based controller, and Xbox World says that the Xbox 720 might go down the same route too, or maybe even a standalone Xbox inspired Surface tablet that interacts with the next Xbox in the same way as the Wii U controller. 

Microsoft's previous interest in acquiring gaming-on-demand service OnLive also leads Xbox World to believe that Microsoft may yet build their own cloud based gaming service, to tie in with a "slim" version of the Xbox 720 that does not feature an optical drive, to debut 2 years after the November 2013 release of the Xbox 720.

Time will tell if any or all of these rumors become reality - E3 in June of next year will reveal most, if not all.


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