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Xbox 720 Rumours: Blu-ray Drive, Radeon 6000 GPU, Kinect 2, But No Used Games

Posted by: , 00:59 AEDT, Fri January 27, 2012

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Xbox 720 rumours abound, including Kinect 2, Blu-ray drive, and banning second-hand games!

With experts tipping Microsoft to unveil the first details of their next console, dubbed the Xbox 720, at E3, the rumour mill is in full action.

With apparent leaks to IGN, Kotaku, and other gaming sites, a full picture of what the Xbox 720 could be like is emerging. That is, if you believe any of the rumours.

With the Wii U already using a "Blu-ray like" high capacity disc format, the first rumour has the Xbox 720 using a Blu-ray drive. Whether it plays Blu-ray movies or not, that's a question that can only be answered in the future, and it could be possible that the Xbox might skip HD movie disc support to promote its digital distribution offerings.

With Microsoft launching an improved version of Kinect for the PC that features a new "near mode" for close range motion detection, the next rumour sees the Xbox 720 getting the imaginatively titled Kinect 2, which may or may not be integrated into the console. 

In the graphics department, the Xbox 720 might be powered using Radeon 6000 family of GPUs, a newer offering (if not more powerful) than the R770 family (Radeon 4800 range) that the Wii U will be using.

But perhaps the most controversial rumour of all is that the Xbox 720 will make it impossible to play second-hand games, according to sources close to Kotaku. How it works is anyone's guess, but if true, publishers will be rejoicing, at the expense of gamers.

All will be know once Microsoft unveils the Xbox 720, which may or may not happen at E3 2012 in June.


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