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Super Slim Top Loading PS3 Revealed, SSD Version Available In Europe

Posted by: , 12:45 AEST, Thu September 20, 2012
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The rumours were true, sort of, with a new "super slim" version of the PS3 being unveiled by Sony, and European gamers get a budget 12GB SSD version to boot
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Image/Photo Credit: Sony

Sony has finally unveiled a major update for their PlayStation 3 console, making it lighter, slimmer, with more storage, but without any pricing changes.

Rumours of a new "super slim" console have been floating around for a couple of months now, and it looks like some of them were indeed correct in, with the leaked pictures looking almost exactly the same as the final released shots.

Sony made the official announcement at the Tokyo Game Show for the 20% smaller, and 25% lighter PS3. New to the console will be a top loader for discs - previous PS3s had slot loaders.

Super Slim PS3

Different regions will be getting different versions of the new console, with the differences mainly in terms of storage.

North America will be getting two new versions, a 250GB one and a 500GB one at the same price points as current 160GB and 320GB versions, available to buy from September 25 and October 30 respectively.

Japanese buyers will get an exclusive white version of the console.

Super Slim PS3

One of the rumours had been that the new PS3 would feature a hard-drive less version at a much lower price point, much like the 4GB Xbox 360, with most rumours pointing to a 16GB PS3. This rumour has been proven to be partially correct, as European gamers will get a 12GB SSD version of the PS3 (along with the 500GB version, available September 28). The 12GB SSD version will be priced at €229 and will be available to buy starting October 12. Street pricing will see the 12GB PS3 go head to head with the Xbox 360 4GB.

The current slim version of the PS3 will be phased out over time.


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