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New PS3 Model Pictured, Coming Soon?

Posted by: , 12:47 AEST, Sun July 15, 2012
Tags: Gaming, PS3

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A new PS3 SKU may be coming, with an all new design and a 16GB version to compete with the budget Xbox 360 model, according to newly leaked photos
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Image/Photo Credit: Technoblog

New documents and photos have emerged from the website of Brazilian telecommunications regulator Anatel which possibly shows the introduction of a new PS3 SKU by Sony.

The photos, first uploaded online by Brazilian tech blog technoblog, shows a similar shaped, but differently textured looking PS3, that appears to have a tray loader, instead of the usual slot loader Blu-ray drive.

The PS3 pictured also seems to be smaller than the current "Slim" version of the PS3.

More interestingly, the "new" PS3 appears to come in a 16GB flavour - suggesting a budget priced PS3 console that Sony may plan to position against the cheap 4GB version of the rival Xbox 360. A 250GB and a 500GB version of the console is also listed in the application documents. The model numbers of these "new" PS3s are CECH-4011A, CECH-4011B and CECH-4011C - the current "Slim" range being the CECH-30xx series.

The low quality of the photos, as well as the inclusion of a 16GB version does seem to raise questions about the authenticity of this leak, but recent filings on the US FCC website does suggest a new model is on the way. Time will tell.


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