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Picture(s) of the Week - A Look Back At Anti-Piracy Ads

Posted by: , 17:20 AEST, Tue May 22, 2012

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With the MPAA no longer labeling downloaders as "thieves", this week's P(s)otW looks back down memory lane at some of the most memorable anti-piracy ad campaigns
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The MPAA's boss say that calling video pirates "thieves" isn't the right thing to do anymore. This week's pictures of the weeks look back at some of the memorable (and not so memorable) anti-piracy ads from days gone by ...

Floppy Disk Piracy Poster

Floppy Disk Piracy Poster

(Above two pictures courtesy of

Music Piracy Newspaper Ad

(Above image source:

MTV Music Thief

(Above: MTV anti-piracy ad campaign)

Chinese Movie Anti-Piracy Poster

(Above - translation: I need your support! Legitimate content needs our support!)

Cinema Camcording Anti-Piracy Poster

(Above: MPAA/NATO anti-piracy poster)

Pirated DVDs Fund Terrorism Ad

(Above: The UK's FACT "pirated DVDs fund terrorism" campaign)


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