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Insurer Sues Sony Over PSN Hack

Posted by: , 18:10 AEST, Tue July 26, 2011

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Sony's own insurance company is suing the company, claiming the policy Sony purchased does not cover any claims related to the PSN hack

Sony's own insurers are suing the gaming giant over the PSN hack, claiming they are not liable to pay for any lawsuit claims and damages from future legal actions.

Zurich American filled a lawsuit against Sony asking the court to exempt it from paying claims related to any "class-action lawsuits, miscellaneous claims, or potential future actions instituted by any state attorney general."

Zurich believes that the general cover policy that Sony has purchased does not cover the expected fallout from the PSN hack, which saw millions of user's data being stolen, as well as a month long outage for PS3 gamers. Zurich claims the policy only covers "bodily injury, property damage or personal and advertising injury", and so would not cover the after effects of the PSN hacking saga.

Zurich also revealed that "55 cases have been brought against Sony in the US as a result of the attacks", and has also filled separate lawsuits filled Sony's other insurers, to get them to take up more of the slack.

Sony estimates that they are set to lose $171 million in costs due to the PSN hacking and outage.


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