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New Lawsuit Aimed At Sony Alleging 'Negligence' Over PSN Security

Posted by: , 15:40 AEST, Sat July 2, 2011

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Three New Yorkers have sued Sony for neglecting to properly secure customer data, and not listening to warnings that its own security staff had given in relation to flaws in the security system

Three PlayStation users in New York have filed a lawsuit against Sony for being negligent when it came to securing customer data.

The three plaintiffs, Jimmy Cortorreal, Felix Cortorreal, and Jacques Daoud, say Sony not only did not boost security following the hacking of the PS3 console, but actually fired security stuff just weeks before the PSN breach on April 19.

They also cite the statements made by Sony's own executive, who admitted that the PSN hack was made possible via a "known vulnerability" in their external facing servers.

Most controversially, the suit also claims that Sony ignored warnings given by its own security staff. It is unknown whether these are the same staff that were later fired.

Sony's PlayStation Network was hacked on April 19 and subsequently led to the theft of information from 77 million accounts, including credit card numbers. A separate, later attack in early May, resulted in 25 million more accounts being accessed. Sony has tried to placate users with their "Welcome Back" program, which includes two free game selections from the a list of 5, as well as extended trials and service credits for users of the paid for PlayStation Plus premium subscription service.

Do you think Sony could have done more to secure their web assets, or do you think that it's not always possible to defend against hackers? Post your opinion in this news article's comments section, or in this forum thread:


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