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DRM Locks Out Legitimate Gamers For 4 Days, Pirates Play Happily

Posted by: , 23:20 AEST, Thu April 14, 2011

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Those that paid for Dragon Age:Origins found out that they weren't able to play the game over the weekend due to a DRM server problem, but pirates were able to enjoy the game without a problem

While some game makers are trying out new DRM that only targets the pirates, it's still very much the norm these days to find DRM that does more to hurt legitimate buyers than actual pirates. EA and Bioware's Dragon Age: Origins is the latest example.

When EA/Bioware's DRM authentication servers went down over the last weekend, legitimate buyers of the offline, single player game found that they would not have their usual DA:O weekend session. When they tried to play the game that they have already paid for, they were met with an "unauthorized" error message.

Ironically, the pirated version of the game, which had the DRM stripped out, worked fine, allowing pirates to enjoy the game, while buyers of the game were locked out.

And so, DRM once again does what it does best - hurt legitimate customers and give people more reason to get the pirated, cracked version, even if they had already paid for the game.

In the end, it took 4 days for EA/Bioware to fix the DRM authentication server and allow paying customers to play the game again. 

So why then, does companies like EA think that piracy actually helps to reduce piracy, and not encourage it?

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